Hi just wanted to thank you for helping us with our Disney trip! Our guide was so sweet, we really loved her! She did a great job! 

                                                              -Michelle Grossman







I just wanted to send a quick thank you for setting us up with our guide! The kids had the time of their lives, and my husband and I were able to enjoy every moment of it. Everything was taken care of, as promised, and it was absolutely perfect. She is a gem and working with your company was phenomenal. Stress-free and fun! 

Many thanks for all of your help and I look forward to recommending you to friends and family in the future.  My best,                                                                                                                                                                       -Rebecca







We booked a 4 day tour with Elite Orlando VIP tours and could not have been happier with our experience! I was looking forward to going to Disney about as much as sitting in a Russian prison. The thought of being in the Disney "merchandising machine" for 4 days and the amount of work involved in setting up fast passes, reservations, etc. was enough to make me start dreading our decision to go. However, based on a friend's recommendation, I emailed Chris and that was it, our vacation was planned! Chris is like the adults version of Tinkerbell! He sprinkled his magic pixie dust and voila! We had an amazing itinerary emailed to us with everything taken care of! Upon arrival, we met up with Jessica and started our vacation. Every morning I would see Jessica and a feeling of calm would come over me. Who cared about the long lines, unwashed masses of people and rat race mentality...we had JESSICA! It was an amazing experience to be led around all the parks and have absolutely no responsibility whatsoever! "Lead on Jessica" was the most used statement of the trip. Goodbye days of waiting on long lines for a 3 minute ride! We saw and did more in the mornings than I ever thought possible. While waiting on line for a ride, we were not frantically trying to read a map to figure out where to go to next or trying to update our fast passes online, we laughed and talked about what a great time we were having or what fun thing Jessica had in store for us next! Jessica was knowledgeable, organized, efficient and great with our kids. She listened to the kids' requests and followed through every time. Upon hearing my 10 year old's son request for a ride, she set it up, only to have my 14 year old groan that he didn't want to do that ride again. To which Jessica told him, "It's the only thing your brother has asked to do so I'm going to make it happened. Smile and come on!" SCORE- not only did we get a tour guide, we got a tour guide that didn't make me have to be a "fun sponge"for 4 days! I can't say enough wonderful things about Jessica, Bakari (we had him as a guide for a half day at Animal Kingdom. The kids loved him as well. Most likely due to the fact that he got them on Everest 5 times before 12:30!!), and Chris. If you want to have a relaxed, fun filled, efficient trip to Disney, you have to call Elite Orlando VIP tours!venture.


 Susan Hurd!







We had an amazing time!!!!!!! All my husband and I talk about is how perfect a trip we had! We were back to our hotel by 2:30 everyday and were able to relax! Disney and relax were two words I didn't ever think could be put in the same sentence.  Bill was great! He knows his stuff! My husband said the trip would have been pure hell without a guide! Bill has a lot to say (haha) so my introvert husband kept a distance, but what Bill could pull off totally impressed him! We have given your info to at least 6 families we know are headed to Disney in the upcoming months.  We gave full disclose that it is an expense, but in our opinion worth every penny...without Bill we would have only seen magic Kingdom, it would have taken us three days because we would have only been able to fast pass 3-4 things (this fast pass kiosk was 1.5 hours long!!!!!- no fn way).  

Thank you for getting us in at such a busy time.  We have been ruined! We will never be able to visit anything in Orlando without you guys!







Just wanted to tell you thanks for such a great day in the park on 12/31. Bacari was amazing and very fun to spend the day with. I was worried that the day would be a bust due to the increased volume of people that day. To my amazement he delivered the Magic the whole day !!!!! You also came up big by getting us scheduled with bippity bo. I scored big points with wife after that thanks to you. I will continue to refer clients to you and hopefully will be making a return trip soon. With your guidance I might be able to handle Disney on a regular basis.

Happy new year to you and your family. All the best.

                                      Michael Rothstein and Family!








Thanks Chris for your diligent and patient professionalism throughout this process. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our first Disney experience and we have Bill to thank. Although he was fighting a virus, he kept himself alert, awake and steadfast in getting us on all the amazing rides for the duration of our trip. He was a trooper and we were confident every step of the way with him leading. We will be in touch again maybe next year should we choose to venture out to Sea World and Universal again (and Epcot). Thank Bill again for his flexibility and for being so reliable! Enjoy the rest of the year and keep up the good work. 


                                                       Joy &Joel Robinson








Amazing, Fantastic. Randy is amazing!

The only way I can help you is to keep talking!! It was a treat to go Disneyland.

Thank you both so much for making this happen!!!

Excellent adventure.


 Jane Gottfried aka Bunny!









I wanted to thank you for arranging our tour today and having Austin work with us. Simply put, he was amazing! We had a phenomenal day at the Magic Kingdom and have to give him all of the credit. We will be recommending your services to all of our friends and using them again when we return.


                                                                                    Kevin Fisher










Hi Chris!

Everything was AMMAAAAZING! I have to tell you - you were right about not having a tour guide on day 1. But - what that did was make me realize how awesome your team is. Obviously I was excited to arrive to Disney on day 1 - so we went into Magic Kingdom anyway - sans tour guide. It was AWFUL. We didn't know where we were going. People were everywhere. We didn't know where to grab lunch. We went on one ride and then decided to bail. This chaos is a STARK contrast to the subsequent three days with Jessika - who is fabulous. She has a subtlety about her - you know she is just getting things done, but she does it flawlessly and without a noticeable effort. I also realized that having a tour guide is much more for the adults than the children. I think children would have fun in Disney regardless, even if parents are frazzled. But Jessika made my brother and I feel like kids again, too. We didn't have to be the parent figure knowing where to go and what to do next. Jessika did that! So thank you so much! Totally worth it. I have already given your company's name and Jessika's name to two separate people. Hope they contact you! I am cc-ing my brother as I believe he also had someone in mind to pass along your info to.


                                                                                    Abby Allen










We loved our guide. He was so great the way he let us do our own thing. He moved us along at a great pace. We thoroughly enjoyed our time and would use you guys again in a heartbeat (and refer you to others). We saw SOOOO much in a short amount of time. We LOVED our visit and it was 100% due to his awesome agenda. He was such a cool guy. My kids adored him, too.

                                                                                            Thank you guys so much.        

                                                                                   Angie Hardin








Hi Chris,

Just a super quick note to let you know how much we adored James. He was FANTASTIC. Super punctual and knowledgeable and charming and just so incredibly helpful to our entire family. We can’t wait to return and hopefully tour the parks with him again.Thanks for your help with everything, and please keep your eyes open for my dear friends, the Kents, who will visiting in November and working with your company.

All the best and thanks again


 -Lauren and Mike Cohen








Hi Chris,


I wanted to reach out to you & let you know what an unbelievable time we had at Disney. Our trip was perfect from beginning to end. We absolutely loved our guide. She was warm, professional, extremely organized & we never want to visit Disney without her. We can't wait to come back & visit Universal. Thank you again & please tell her how much we loved & appreciated our time with her. 

                                                                         Thank You,

                                                            Stacey Scolnik








​Best value in all of Orlando. Our guide was with us every day. We rarely stood in line, things worked like clockwork and my girls fell in love with her. So accommodating, thoughtful (got us a table while we ordered lunch), had great insights (like which area is best seating for the Soarin experience) and wonderful people/kid skills. Elite really took care of our family like they would their own--we never felt like just a customer. They made the vacation experience at Disney a world-class vacation. Would never do Disney without them.









Hi Chris

We are back from our whirlwind Orlando trip and had a wonderful time.   Our guide was fabulous.  He was able to adjust to fit our tour needs.   My goal was to be able to relax and enjoy the short vacation with my family and I did that!   He was even able to get my daughter with ride phobias on most of the rides and she enjoyed them!    That was an unforeseen bonus.  We feel very spoiled by this approach to doing Disney and are not sure we will ever be able to return to the normal park routines.   Thanks for helping organize a great vacation and in particular a large thank you to him for being such a terrific guide.  It was everything we hoped it would be. 

                                                            Lynne LaBerge








Hi Chris - just wanted to let you know we had a great time.   Magic Kingdom was awesome.  We had done Universal on our own in the past and only scratched the surface.  She opened a completely new world for us!  Please thank her for us again!


                                                                  -Jennifer Novak








You made it so easy for us to sign up (which as I mentioned was over the phone on our car trip on the way to Orlando), and our guide was beyond amazing as a tour guide. She made everything so easy, we didn't have to worry about a thing, she quickly understood the different needs of each of my family members and adapted the trip to accommodate everyone, and she was so so nice to be with.  Our trip to Disney was better in every way because of her. Thank you!










Hello Chris,

I just wanted to write and let you know that we had  an amazing guide!!!  We couldn't have been happier.  Thank you for such a great Disney experience.  We

will be sure to recommend you to all of our friends and family best,









HI Chris

Hope all is well. 

I want to write an email to thank you and Elite to helping us with our Disney vacation! You guys made it much easier and we had a great time! Looking forward to see you guys again when we visit next time. 


                                                                  -Wenjing Guo







Hi Chris,

Wanted to let you know that we had a great day at the Magic Kingdom on Friday.  Our guide was fantastic and ensured we covered everything we wanted to!

                                                                Many thanks                                                                                                                        -Jon







Hi Chris, 

           I just wanted to tell you that, thanks to you and your team, we had a wonderful week down at Disney and wanted to thank you for all your help in arranging 4 great days at the parks! Jessica was wonderful and was awesome with our kids- our youngest, Kate, still asks about her! Mission accomplished we meet a ton of princesses! Big thank you to you and your team!

                                                                                               All the Best!

                                                                  -Chris Keay








Thank you so much! That was truly an unforgettable experience. Thank you for hooking us up on such short notice...In my wildest dreams I didn't expect to enjoy it that much but your company gave me an experience I never could have imagined.... Bacari was amazing! He was the perfect combination of patient, knowledgeable, efficient, pleasant, energetic, and a whole lot of fun!


Thank you so much and I will look forward to using your services and recommending you in the future! Best regards

                                                              -Joyce & Eddie Serure







Hi Chris, 

        I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for organizing our trip

to Disney. We truly appreciate it. Also, just wanted you to know that our guide was

amazing. She handled everything perfectly and was a delight to walk around with. 

                                                                                          Thank you Again!






Orlando VIP tours was wonderful. I had extensive back and forth with Chris prior to our trip and he totally understood what we were looking for and how to best make it a magical Disney experience for my family. With two sets of twins ages 4 and 9, we were quite the group to bring through Disney, and Orlando VIP did an amazing job. Our days at the parks were perfectly planned out, meal reservations were all made and our guide did a great job planning the flow of our visit to either have us all together or seamlessly split us up so both my 4 year olds and 9 year olds were happy.  Our guide was truly amazing--an energetic, upbeat person who was a pleasure to be with. All my kids enjoyed her company and hanging out with her. We highly recommend Orlando VIP tours.


 -Abby Schiffman






Hi Chris,
I just wanted to thank you very much for organising with our guide on Thursday. It was the best way anyone could see Disney. She was so nice and easy going and was great with the kids. I will be recommending you to anyone I know going from Ireland. 
Kindest regards,


                                                                  -Ciara Sawyer







I want to Thank you for your amazing staff and for truly bringing the "elite" standard back to service. As families we spend top dollar in Disney hotels only to realize that hotels, service, food ...really all service type industries in Disney have gone down considerably. However, you have an amazing company that puts service above all else. From the moment we entered the park, our guides greeted us with warm smiles and allowed my husband and I to finally take a back seat and actually enjoy the vacation along with our kids. They had a clear plan and we hit every ride and experience. But what's noteworthy is that they put no pressure on us whatsoever. We never felt rushed. We took time out to watch a family of ducks play. We had ice cream. We stopped in shops (more than once:) allowing the kids to choose gifts. All the while they had a smile on their faces and let us know what we could do next. No task was too small for her to make our trip enjoyable. She would help the kids by opening their packages;  let me take a breather and have a nice iced coffee, they even took my children's ice cream order and would push the stroller! I could list it all for days. They were truly above And beyond. I have been going to Disney since I was a child and have been taking my kids for the last 7 years. You have trained your team and built an extraordinary service company. We look forward to our next trip in Disney! ....that's not usually said the very night you return! You have brought outstanding service back and we genuinely Thank you for making our trip amazing. Just another note ....I've been running companies for the last 16 years. My current company has 70+ employees. All my companies have a service aspect involved. I have to tell you, they are top notch employees. They care about your reputation. Their work ethic is outstanding. They manage to take charge in a kind and non pushy way. There is never even a slight tone of inconvenience when we know this is a pressure situation sometimes. She is kind, Efficient, so sweet Around the kids. A genuinely great person and amazing at her job. Really , I have to commend her and you. You run an excellent service.



                                                                                      Sacha & April Krawiecki







I am sorry for the delay in writing but I wanted to make sure to send along a a big “thank you” for helping with our Disney Trip.  Jessika was fantastic!  She handled changes/challenges (my son got sick on the first day and we had to stay back for the afternoon that she had already planned out) and issues at the park (the entire fast pass system went down) with class and ease.  During a really busy time at the parks, we knew we were in good hands and literally did not have to think about where to go our what to do - we felt very lucky!









I'm sure you get this all the time but I wanted to be sure to tell you how wonderful our guide was. She was so helpful and fun. We really were shocked with how great she interacted with our children. She went above and beyond for us and we could not be happier. We will definitely be recommending your company and specifically her to all our friends planning a trip a Disney. We will be back next year and can't wait to use y'all again. Thank you for everything, you and Elite truly made our trip!!


                                                                  -Katherine Dujka





Hi Chris,


We had Topher as our tour guide on April 15th.  He was great!  Topher was very efficient and communicated with us every step of the way.  My girls loved running to him after each and every ride to share details and to thank him!  Our day was laid back and easy with our 3.5 year old and 5 year old daughters….who can say that about Disney?!  Thank you!  We would definitely work with you and your team again!

                                                              -Maria Sanders





Hi Chris,


I just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience at Disneyworld. I cannot believe it's over already! Bakari was an excellent guide, we all loved him and have already recommended him to two other families traveling to Disneyworld in the fall and winter.  He was extremely patient, understanding and knowledgeable. Most importantly he was so adaptable to our needs. We really felt like we were able to do everything that we wanted while he was with us.Thank you also for bearing with my many emails and plan changes over the past several months, I appreciate your patience and guidance on all aspects of the trip.We will definitely be sticking with your company for future visits - although I think I need some time to recover before we come back!

Thanks again,

                  -Hollie & Brad Mechak





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We want to thank you for a fantastic day at magic kingdom on Sunday. Your guides are fantastic. They are so warm, personable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We were thrilled with their  ease

with getting us through the park. We were pleasantly surprised that your guide had an assistant and we truly benefited from having both of them working to make our day seamless. Everyone was very helpful and so pleasant to be with. We all enjoyed the day! Thank you!!"


Jessica and Jay Lampert

"Dear Chris, 
I wanted to write to to tell you what an amazing time my family had last week at the Magic Kingdom. We have high expectations and your guides surpassed ALL of them. Their knowledge, manner, demeanor, attention to detail along with their kind personalities we're top notch. We can't thank you enough . They made our visit to Disney extraordinary! I'm sure you enjoy feedback and we wanted to make sure we gave ours! We look forward to recommending you and your company to our friends!  Many Thanks!" 

                                                                     Michelle & Ben Frankfort  

"The parks are amazing but I highly recommend using some sort of guiding service during busy times.  We used Elite VIP Orlando Tours.  When I say that they made our trip in the parks amazing, that is a huge understatement!!  I literally think the longest we waited to do anything was 5-10 minutes (to meet Ana and Elsa) which had a 105 minute wait time.  We were traveling with 2 one year olds, an almost three year old and a 4 year old.  it was literally a piece of cake and we went on everything we wanted and hit 3 parks in two days!  Chris and Abby were beyond awesome and made the impossible (hitting almost every ride and show with 5 adults and 4 little kids) possible."  

                                                                                           Jonathan Samter



"Thanks to you our Disney experience was a very postivie and memorable one! Charlotte has not stopped talking about all the rides and visits with the character mascots and Princesses!! "



               Lee & Chris Skillin 

"This past year I had the opportunity to hire Chris Wheeler as a personal guide for me and my family in Orlando. I was skeptical to hire a guide from long distance ( we live in Malibu). From the moment we met Chris we realized we not only had found the most qualified and capable guide in the city , but even more importantly, we found a great friend. There was no request Chris couldn't handle and no detail he left undone. Over three days we toured all of the parks and never waited in lines. This is even more remarkable when you consider our trip occured in the busiest week of the year- Easter & Spring Break! I could go on and on but we'll net it all out simply saying that the services Chris provides has no equal. He is simply the very best. "


                                            Brett White  C.E.O. of CBRE 




"Hey Chris, Thank you, thank you , THANK YOU!!!! You absolutely made our trip! Thank you for truly making it so easy and so much fun! We loved the time we spent with you & Erica. We hated to have to say goodbye. "



                      Lynn & Jerry 

"Dear Chris, 
I wanted to write to to tell you what an amazing time my family had last week at the Magic Kingdom. We have high expectations and your guides surpassed ALL of them. Their knowledge, manner, demeanor, attention to detail along with their kind personalities we're top notch. We can't thank you enough . They made our visit to Disney extraordinary! I'm sure you enjoy feedback and we wanted to make sure we gave ours! We look forward to recommending you and your company to our friends!  Many Thanks!" 

                                                                     Michelle & Ben Frankfort  

"Dear Chris & Abbie, Thank you so much for making our Disney vacation terrific! We still can't believe that we saw as much as we did and rode as many rides as we did in 2.5 days. I'm guessing we came close to setting a record for the most rides experienced by a family of six before 1pm on our day in Magic Kingdom! Your services are well worth the investment. Not only did you save us time and hassle, but we really enjoyed spending time with you and Abbie. Our children felt they had a new friend and were so sad when we aid goodbye to you. Thank you. Thank YOU! We will be sending all of our friends your way. " 

                                                               Best Regards

                                                           Christine F. & Family




Your services were AMAZING!!!  And Bakari was outstanding!  He was so helpful, friendly, outgoing and made our trip so easy going and yet packed with fun. My kids still talk about him and want to know when we will see him again!  Disney can be so hectic, but not with all you did for us. I would go back in a heartbeat. 


        Can't thank you enough for making our trip so wonderful!  


                    Here's my favorite picture of us and Bakari. ---------->


                                                           Robyn Shapiro 






We just returned home from our first trip to Disney, and thanks to your guides we had THE BEST time. They could not have been warmer or more personable. Our whole family just adored them both - especially our 4 year old and 7 month old daughters. Thank you so much for making this trip a magical experience for us all.  

They treated us like family and accommodated our every need. Our Disney experience was much more efficient and maximized as a result.  We enjoyed twice as many rides and attractions than if we had been there without them

Thank you again for taking such good care of us.  We have already referred you to several friends, including my husband's boss, the Benedetto family, who have signed on with you this week.  Please take extra special care of them.




Bakari was an EXCELLENT guide. The kids loved him and I would recommend your company to anyone going to Disney! I have gone solo and I've used Disney VIP and this was by far the best time we have had.                                                                 Best !                                    Siobhan





Thanks so much for everything!!!! We had an amazing two days. All so smooth and your guide was awesome. Loved him. Thanks again n will definitely send on referrals. Appreciate it all.







"Dear Chris & Abbie, Thank you so much for making our Disney vacation terrific! We still can't believe that we saw as much as we did and rode as many rides as we did in 2.5 days. I'm guessing we came close to setting a record for the most rides experienced by a family of six before 1pm on our day in Magic Kingdom! Your services are well worth the investment. Not only did you save us time and hassle, but we really enjoyed spending time with you and Abbie. Our children felt they had a new friend and were so sad when we aid goodbye to you. Thank you. Thank YOU! We will be sending all of our friends your way. " 

                                                               Best Regards

                                                           Christine F. & Family




I wanted to say thank you. Bakari was fantastic. He made the trip for our daughter Elle wonderful. She was so excited and he also made sure we did everything she wanted, as well as experiences we would have never been able to do ourselves. 

  - Stacy





I wanted to let you know what a great day we had. Abby was just terrific. Makes all the difference. I have many friends who I will be recommending Elite VIP to. 

                                                               Many Thanks !                                   Judi





I just wanted to tell you how great our trip was with Tim as our guide. He had everything planned perfectly and was very attentive to satisfying all of our families needs. He's a real credit to your company.  I'll be sure to recommend your company to all our friends. Look forward to talking to you for our next trip

                                                                                       Rob & Dora Sabbagh


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II just wanted to send a little note how happy we were with Abbie as our tour guide this past weekend! She was so amazing and went above and beyond for us. Using your service was worth every penny. I have already reccommend her and your company to a friend who might be calling you tomorrow! 

                                                                    Best regards,

                                                                                  Stephanie Auster 



We had a fantastic day !! And you were right - we never waited more than 5-10 minutes at any attraction. Seeing Anna/Elsa, the race car ride and Bippity Boppity were highlights for Savannah!  I've attached a picture.

We will definitely use your company again!!!




I just wanted to Thank you so much! This was an excellent experience even though my kids were sick and change everything around. Your company is fantastic great ideas and will definitely pass your number to all my friends they live Vip service lol.

                                          Thank you so much for everything.




Thanks so much for everything!!!! We had an amazing two days. All so smooth and your guide was awesome. Loved him. Thanks again n will definitely send on referrals. Appreciate it all.








As I guess you figured, we only hired you guys for one day and by midday, the first day we knew we needed you guys for the next. Worth every dollar.  

Thank you, we had a most wonderful time!!









It was perfect! I'll definitely follow you guys on social media! I also already sent you 2 referrals... I thought your guide was  fantastic and she added so much value and expertise. It was an added bonus that she is also an employee at Hollywood Studios! We will be back for sure! The Siegels and Tahls send their regards!


                                                                               Best Jen



You provided us the perfect guide for my grandson and I will never go to Disney without your services.  He was just like one of the family and was so pleasant.  It was nice just to follow right behind him and not have to worry about anything.  Lauren and I tried to go to Epcot one night, we got there at 7:30, no parking fees, front row parking, went in and got lost !!  We could not find our way out and did not leave until 9:00. 


Thanks again for making my grandchildren’s visit something they are still talking about….they rode Space Mountain 3 times !! Thank you once again for making a trip I was really dreading, into the best three days we have ever had….and memories Dustin and Baylee will always remember.


Debby Gettys






Our experience was excellent from the professionalism, recommendations to the service and the reservations.  Our guide was beyond amazing and perfect!  We have told everyone about how he made our trip.  Thank you for making our first trip to Disney so special and so perfect!

                                                                                                   Thanks again!




I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had in Disney this past weekend, all thanks to your guides! They were so pleasant and nice, yet very effective in getting us in and out of lines very quickly! 


There are not enough complimentary adjectives to describe how wonderful they were! Given that they spent the majority of the time with 2 women and their 4 year olds. They were so kind and wonderful with our children, they pushed my 50 lb. son nearly everywhere (even when my husband was with us!), and tended to our every need and Disney desire! The only downside to your service, is that we are now too spoiled! I have been to Disney several times in the past, and it will be very difficult  to not have one of your guides with us when we go again! So, until next time…


Thanks for everything!

Lynne Himmel






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I wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had on our trip visiting the Disney parks. The whole experience exceeded our expectations. Jessica was knowledgable, helpful, and easy to be around. She was so amazing with our children and definitely went above and beyond to make sure the kids had a wonderful time and they certainly did have a blast. We all did!
Thx so much and we will be back again. 

                                                                                       All the Best!

                                                                                      Cathy Holligan


I have been meaning to email you. We had an amazing trip to Disney! And Jessica was a huge part of that. She was awesome. She made our trip so smooth and enjoyable. We got to do and see so much more than I thought possible. My kids loved her. She was so accommodating and patient with them. She was great at making last minute changes. We had the best Disney experience and got to see and do so much more than we imagined. We will definitely be back and would love to work with you guys again!










Thank you so much for your help.  We truly had an amazingly perfect experience and have told everyone we meet how incredible your service is.

Our guide made it all look easy (and I know it’s not!).  We kept saying that he was like “genius” on iTunes – he figured us out in the first two hours of the trip and kept giving better and better recommendations. And equally importantly, he was really, really great with our 10 yr old twins.  He walked and talked with them for hours on end and they will always remember him.  Suffice to say that when he left us on the last day, Tessa cried!

More than happy to be a reference if ever you need our help.






Mike Terry wanted me to pass along that he was extremely impressed with the services your company provided for their Disney World and SeaWorld vacation this past week with the Pridmores.  He was especially impressed with your guide.  He commented:  “…he was unbelievable and provided the best customer service he has seen in years!  They are great assets to your company.”

                       Take care and have a wonderful day!

                                       Patty Munson

                                       Chieft of Staff